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Motu Patlu Old episodes in Tamil

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Motu Patlu are 2 friends living in Furfuri Nagar. Presenting you the most funniest comedy of the Series. 100% comedy. If more views come I will upload soon (within 3 days). Please watch. These are the most funniest comedy episodes. Click on the Titles to watch the videos.


Title : Motu Patlu Furfuri Nagar episodes in Tamil

Audio : Original audio (Tamil)

Quality : 540p

Size : 50 – 100 Mb

Encoder or credits : Toon King of Kings (me)

Description : Presenting you the most funniest episodes of Motu Patlu (FIRST ON NET)

Episodes list

Samaaj Seva

The Electric man

Magical Scissors

Devil Toothpaste

Motu ki Height

Robot Hand

Shaving Foam

Motu ka Commitment

Bolney wali Murti

Alien’s House

Golf Course

Fancy Dress Party

Alien Calling Machine

Energy Charger

Duplicate Chingum

Dog Show

King Patlu

Asli Raja Nakli Raja

Magical Pencil

Alien Patlu

Motu Patlu in Antarctica

Robot of Furfuri Nagar

Motu Patlu in Jail

Adventures of Mansi and Akash

Baazon ke Takkar

Guru Hoja Shuru

Motu Patlu aur Madhumakhi

Animal Converting Gadget

Jaadui Anguthi

John ki Chaal

More episodes coming soon

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